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Prostate Cancer Awareness

First, we would like to acknowledge that September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. So, for all the men out there who are of appropriate age, get your prostate checked. Second, although prostate cancer isn’t a gastroenterology-related cancer, it does provide us the opportunity to discuss a very important issue: Secondary Cancers. Secondary cancers are new malignancies (cancers) that develop in individuals who have previously had cancer. An example of this would be a prostate cancer survivor who subsequently develops colon cancer.

Studies have shown that people who survive an initial cancer are often at risk of developing a second one. Even more troubling is that secondary cancers are associated with a higher mortality rate. A recent study found that while 13% of people die due to their initial cancer, 55% will die from their second cancer.

Thanks to the development of more effective screening protocols, as well as advances in modern medicine, cancers are now being detected earlier and patients are living longer. So, if you’re currently due for any type of screening exam, take the time to get it done. Your life could depend on it.


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